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Funding Opportunities

The office of Diversity & Faculty Development manages faculty development programs and contributes limited support to various faculty projects. Awards and programs are listed here.


The office of Diversity & Faculty Development, in partnership with the Deans of the schools/divisions, is providing Travel Childcare Awards (TCA) for Regular Rank Assistant Professors who have 50% or more responsibility for childcare of children 12 years old and under. These Travel Childcare Awards are intended to help reduce some of the difficulty related to traveling to attend professional conferences, meetings, workshops or symposia.


Faculty Career Development Awards are given annually to assistant professors, providing research support at a critical time in the pre-tenure stage. Awards are made in the form of summer ninths, one-quarter sabbatical supplements, full-quarter research leaves with salary, or a lump-sum of $3,000. Approximately 30 awards are granted annually.

The Regents’ Professors and Lecturers Program permits the appointment, on a visiting basis, of distinguished leaders from non-academic fields to enrich UCLA’s instructional program. A Regents’ Professor serves for one quarter and normally teaches one or more courses during the year. Regents’ Lecturers are available for participation in the instructional activities of the sponsoring department and other interested academic units and for informal consultations with students and faculty.


This seed grant opportunity was created to provide funding for the North campus disciplines in furtherance of new transdisciplinary research and scholarship, with the notion that the collaboration between different disciplines and faculty members would open the door to new areas of inquiry and possibilities that otherwise could not have been explored within the confines of a single discipline. Next funding cycle has not been announced.

The Diversity and Faculty Development newsletters provide information about current funding opportunities.


The office of Diversity and Faculty Development in partnership with the Institute of American Cultures is offering funding during the 2013-14 academic year to support new collaborative activities that broaden the scope of ethnic studies at UCLA.


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research has an interest in fostering diversity research. In collaboration with the office of Diversity and Faculty Development, the office has initiated several programs, including Research Initiative for Diversity and Equity Mechanism (RIDE), which is a new funding mechanism that has been established to advance research that addresses systemic inequities and barriers due to race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability status, that prevent UCLA from benefiting fully from the rich tapestry of cultures, backgrounds and perspectives of its campus community.    CALL FOR PROPOSALS.