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Family Friendly Grants


Family accommodation policies for childbearing and childrearing responsibilities are fundamental to an equitable and productive academic environment. The University of California's family accommodation policies and programs assist faculty and other academic appointees in balancing the needs of work and family. The policies related to childbearing and childrearing include:

“Active service-modified duties is a period during which normal duties are reduced so that an academic appointee may prepare for and/or care for a newborn child or a child under age five newly placed for adoption or foster care... Eligibility for a period of active service-modified duties shall normally extend from 3 months prior to 12 months following the birth or placement.”

APM 760 - Benefits and Privileges


Elsevier Foundation New Scholars Program Grants for Travel Childcare Awards and matching funds for Active Service Modified duties. Click on specific grants for eligibility. The New Scholars Program grant was extended through 2013. The New Scholars Program grant provides support for faculty women in science, health and technology in the early stages of their careers as they balance child care and family responsibilities with the demands of academic life. Funding supports two programs at UCLA:

Humanities Travel Childcare Awards: Application Form

Social Science Travel Childcare Awards: Application Form

Travel Childcare Awards: Report of Award Use

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